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  4. C Programming
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This is a collection of links, books, resources of any form that I find useful and want to share. If you think something should be on that list and it isn’t, send an email.

Articles I Enjoyed Reading

If you look at the bottom of a page on this blog, you’ll see a selection of articles from blogs I follow generated by openring. Here is a manual list of blog posts and articles I appreciate and recommend to read.


Public Domain Works

C Programming


Essential Browser Addons

Essential list of browser addons for surfing the web today.

Articles from blogs I follow around the net

Status update, May 2024

Hi! Sadly, I need to start this status update with bad news: SourceHut has decided to terminate my contract. At this time, I’m still in the process of figuring out what I’ll do next. I’ve marked some SourceHut-specific projects as unmaintained, such as…

via emersion May 21, 2024

How and why to make a /now page on your site

Background I used to wonder what my friend Benny Lewis was doing. He has a website and social media accounts, but neither gave an overview of what he’s doing now. Then I realized some people might wonder the same about me. So in 2015, I made a /now page on my…

via Derek Sivers blog May 18, 2024

Email DNS Records Cheatsheet

A quick summary of the SMTP related DNS records together with brief examples.

via Signs of Triviality April 12, 2024

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